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Kick-off meeting

The DESIR-EQUIPEX kick-off meeting took place at IPN Orsay in the morning of March 29, 2013. It was coupled with the first meeting of the DESIR Steering Committee and the DESIR Collaboration Council being respectively the political and the scientific body of the DESIR collaboration.

The programme of the day can be found in the following. A click on the different talks allows to get a PDF version of the slides presented. The list of participants is attached here. The minutes for the meeting of the DESIR Steering Committee and the DESIR Collaboration Council can be found here.


Réunion de lancement DESIR EQUIPEX


DESIR Steering Committee / DESIR Collaboration Council meeting


Friday, March 29, 2013 - IPN Orsay


10h-10h15 : accueil


Réunion de lancement EQUIPEX DESIR

Chair : S. Gales, IPNO

10h15 - Mot de bienvenue à l’IPNO : F. Azaiez, IPNO

10h20 - Mot d’introduction : F. Staley, GANIL

10h25 – 12h30

-  Etat du projet SPIRAL2 (planning) : M. Jacquemet, GANIL

-  Etat de la collaboration DESIR (organisation, avancement) : B. Blank, CENBG

-  Etat du projet EQUIPEX-DESIR (organisation, lots) : J.C. Thomas, GANIL

-  Modalités de suivi de projet : Laura Lallement, ANR

-  Présentation des partenaires (lots, budget, manpower)


o CENBG : B. Blank

o IPHC : Ph. Dessagne

o IPNO : L. Perrot

o LPCC : D. Durand


12h30 – 13h

-  Financement complémentaire :

o Tutelles, ANR, FEDER, Collaborations internationales


13h00 – 14h30 Déjeuner – Salle A015


Steering Committee and Collaboration Council meeting

Chair: B. Blank, CENBG

14h30 – 16h00

-  Introduction: F. Staley, GANIL

- DESIR Management structure, B. Blank

-  Creation of DESIR Steering Committee:

o Election of chair and vice-chair

o Discussion about the DESIR Management Board

-  Creation of DESIR Collaboration Council:

o Election of DESIR spokes-person



-  Coffee break

-  Visit of the ALTO facility