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Letters of intent

In December 2010, the SPIRAL2 Scientific Council asked for submission of Letters of intent for experiments at the future DESIR facility. In total, 21 LOIs were submitted by the DESIR community in the context of decay studies, laser spectroscopy, mass spectrometry and fundamental-interaction studies. All of them were judged very unenthusiastically by the SAC. They are listed below.

- LoI_SP2_Ph2 1: Precision mass measurements of nuclei with Z  \approx  104 from S3 with MLLTRAP at DESIR - P. G. Thirolf

- LoI_SP2_Ph2 2: High-precision determination of the half-lives, branching ratios, and Q values of superallowed \beta decays in 66As and 70Br with BESTIOL and MLLTRAP at DESIR - C. Weber

- LoI_SP2_Ph2 3: Search for cluster radioactivity in the region above 100Sn - B. Blank

- LoI_SP2_Ph2 4: The mass of 100Sn and the extraordinary binding of N = Z nuclides - D. Lunney

- LoI_SP2_Ph2 5: Nuclear structure and electron shake-off in strontium, yttrium and zirconium - P. Campbell

- LoI_SP2_Ph2 6: Charge radius change and nuclear moment measurement in the N=50 and N=104 region using the LUMIERE setup at the DESIR facility - F. Le Blanc

- LoI_SP2_Ph2 7: Neutron monopole drift towards 78Ni investigated by gamma spectroscopy following 81Cu beta decay - D. Verney

- LoI_SP2_Ph2 8: High precision measurements in mirror beta decays to test the CVC hypothesis and the CKM unitarity - E. Lienard

- LoI_SP2_Ph2 9: Half-life and binding - energy measurements for rapid-neutron capture nucleosynthesis - T. Kurtukian-Nieto

- LoI_SP2_Ph2 10: Study of quantum phase transitions around A = 100 from the nuclear mass surface - D. Lunney

- LoI_SP2_Ph2 11: Collinear laser spectroscopy of neutron deficient isotopes of Ag and Sn across the N=50 shell closure - M. L. Bissell

- LoI_SP2_Ph2 12: Beta-delayed spectroscopy of laser-polarized beams - D. T. Yordanov

- LoI_SP2_Ph2 13: Beta-delayed two-proton emission studies - J. Giovinazzo

- LoI_SP2_Ph2 14: Study of intruder configurations in the neutron-rich Co isotopes - T. E. Cocolios

- LoI_SP2_Ph2 15: Decay spectroscopy of the very neutron-rich Kr isotopes at SPIRAL2-DESIR - F. Delaunay

- LoI_SP2_Ph2 16: Charge structure of manganese and iron isotopes as proton separation energy approaches zero - P. Campbell

- LoI_SP2_Ph2 17: Decay spectroscopy studies around 110Zr at DESIR - S. Grevy

- LoI_SP2_Ph2 18: Exploring the transition from order to chaos in the neutron deficient nuclei from 28 ≤ Z < 50 - Maria Jose G. Borge

- LoI_SP2_Ph2 19: Beta strength measurements in the 100Sn region - A. Algora

- LoI_SP2_Ph2 20: Beta strength measurements around the doubly-magic neutron rich 78Ni - J. L. Tain

- LoI_SP2_Ph2 52: Beta decay and the N = 82 waiting point nuclei - B. Rubio