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General layout of the DESIR facility

The DESIR facility consists of the RFQ cooler and buncher SHIRAC, a high-resolution mass separator HRS, and the DESIR hall, where the experimental equipment will be installed. The RFQ and the HRS will be installed in the production building of SPIRAL2.

The DESIR facility will receive beams from the SPIRAL2 production caves, from the S3 separator spectrometer, and from SPIRAL1.

The figures below show layouts of the RFQ-HRS cave as well as of the DESIR hall. Both layouts are still subject to evolutions.


Figure 1: Layout of the RFQ-HRS cave with its direct line which bypasses the RFQ and the HRS.


Figure 2: Layout of the DESIR hall with the permanent setups and general purpose places as forseen today.